A selection of current and previous clients Allan Buxton has had the pleasure to work with. If you want to join the list or re-kindle a relationship feel free to get in touch

"Our brief was complex and involved displaying a lot of data, linked to times as well as geographical locations. Allan was a hero and brought all these elements together in terms of functionality but with bags of style too. He was really easy to work with not only understood the technical aspects of the designs but also the vision and feel of what we were trying to achieve"

- Ash Dilks, Marketing Manager
[ LeftLion Magazine ]

"Allan blows me away every time we work with him. He’s a major talent and a super nice guy and I look forward to the next time he’s on an East City Films project."

- Ashley Cowen, Director
[ East City Films ]


Risual - Stafford

nathan morris

Spool Films - Nottingham


FIB Benicassim Festival - Madrid


East City Films - London


Nottingham Trent University


Nash @ Home - Derby

tom stade

Tom Stade (Comedian) - Edinburgh

universal works

Universal Works - Nottingham

cow vintage

We Are Cow - Nottingham


Kickers - London


LeftLion Extended - Nottingham

planetary notions

Planetary Notions Records - London